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At Prana Talent, we're all about building the dream team for our fantastic healthcare partners. Your insights matter, so let's get that coffee brewing and dive into the fun stuff!

Staffing Needs and Challenges

1. In which areas of nursing and allied health are you experiencing the most significant staffing shortages?
2. What are the common reasons for these shortages?
3. What types of employment are you primarily looking for?

Scheduling and Operational Preferences

4. Would you prefer to have more control over scheduling and time card approvals through a web-based interface?
5. What time frames are most critical for your staffing needs?
6. Which shifts are you finding most difficult to cover?

Service Expectations and Agency Qualities

7. Rate the 2 most importance of the following factors when choosing a medical staffing company:

8. What improvements or services would you like to see from a staffing agency that you are not currently receiving?

General Feedback

9. What causes you the most pain regarding your current staffing situation?

10. What short-term solutions would soothe these issues?

11. How would resolving these challenges improve your services and patient care?

12. How effectively does your current scheduling software meet your needs?
13. What is your biggest challenge in finding qualified healthcare staff?
14. Rate the importance of partnership qualities in a staffing agency:

Specific Needs by Department and Role

15. Which departments or specialties are experiencing the most critical staffing shortages?
16. Are there any specific floors or units within your facility that require immediate staffing attention?
17. Do you need staffing assistance for management or executive (C-level) roles?

Recruitment Duration and Strategy

18. What is your preferred staffing solution in terms of duration?
19. Are you interested in long-term recruitment solutions or primarily looking for temporary staffing?

Understanding Your Facility

20. What is the size of your healthcare facility?


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The Prana Promise

We promise more than just placements; we promise a positive transformation in your healthcare staffing & recruiting experience. When you choose Prana Talent, you're not just hiring staff; you're inviting a wave of wellness into your facility.

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Bridget King (Gibbs)
Director of Operations

   "Prana Talent has been an absolute lifesaver for our facility! Their team's dedication and efficiency in finding us qualified staff at short notice have been invaluable. Thank you for your exceptional service!"

Sarah Johnson - Director of Nursing

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