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Find Out If Prana Talent's
Corporate Wellness Programs
Are the Right Fit for Your Facility 


Welcome to Prana Talent's Corporate Wellness Programs! We're excited to guide you towards a healthier, more vibrant workplace. Our tailor-made wellness solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your team and align with your company's wellness goals. By filling out the form below, you'll provide us with the essential information needed to understand your challenges and objectives. This enables us to craft a program that not only fits your organizational culture but also supports the well-being of your employees, enhancing productivity and overall success. Let's embark on this journey to transform your workplace into a hub of health and happiness.

1. What are your long-term organizational goals related to employee health and productivity?
2. How do you currently support your employees' health and well-being?
3. How do employees currently perceive your organization's commitment to their health and well-being?
4. What types of wellness programs or initiatives do you think your employees would be most interested in?
5. What is your budget for employee wellness initiatives?
6. How do you measure success in terms of employee well-being and engagement?
7. Which employee demographics do you believe are most in need of wellness programs within your organization?
8. What barriers do you foresee in implementing or enhancing a wellness program?
9. How would you prefer to track and assess the progress and impact of the wellness program?
10. How would you like the wellness program to be delivered?
11. What communication channels are most effective in reaching your employees for wellness program engagement?
12. What is the most important outcome you hope to achieve with a wellness program?
13. What is your timeline for implementing a wellness program?
14. How do you plan to sustain the wellness program long-term?
15. How many employees will be participating in the wellness program?


Thank You!
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We promise more than just placements; we promise a positive transformation in your healthcare staffing experience. When you choose Prana Talent, you're not just hiring staff; you're inviting a wave of wellness into your facility.

Bridget King
Master Yoga Instructor

Breath Coach


Coby King
Health & Wellness Councelor

"I had an amazing first time Yoga experience with Bridget. She is knowledgeable, informative and extremely helpful. I was impressed by her  positive energy. Thank you for encouraging me to push beyond my limit to succeed!"

 Misty Whitney Jepson

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